The New Look Launch

Our brand new site and current projects
by Jesse posted 17 February 2016

Welcome! Do yourself a favour and top up a trustworthy drink: a beer, fine wine, or even a whisky. It’s time to celebrate THE first official Artaban blog of the year, of the century, of...well...EVER!

This marks the beginning of a new era in Artaban history. Thought you knew us well before? Well this year, we’re kicking it into full gear with productions on transgender assassins, service robots, life-altering moments, and an African music revolution. But before we get into the good stuff, let’s first take a look back to our humble beginnings.

Artaban: History lesson 101:

The year is 2012. Storm clouds roll in, and tidal waves shake the city. A rift in the universe transpires as Greg Crompton and Jem Garrard form Artaban. Flash forward: they’re meeting clients in coffee shops and come to the realization, “if only we had an office, we wouldn’t feel obligated to pay for our client's coffee.” And so, friends are called, deals are made, and an office is formed - it’s a box without windows. It works for a few weeks, but lack of oxygen decreases productivity by 40%. Fortunately Jem and Greg find another office with way more windows and way more productivity… but it’s Jem’s apartment, and Greg must cycle a gruelling 10 miles uphill everyday to work. Jem likes working in her pajamas, but on the other hand, she understands the importance of compromise. Flash forward: deals are made, compromises are met, and Artaban forms their first OFFICIAL office in Gastown.

The team begins to take shape.

"Composers, animators, shooters, editors, werewolves, robots, and unicorns, all build the foundation for what Artaban is today"

Artaban ‘Video and Strategy’ changes to Artaban ‘Productions’. This is important, as it marks the beginning of a new wave in quality, and eventually leads to a two month shoot in Sierra Leone, 4 Leo wins, music videos for Linkin Park and Ringo Starr, award-winning shorts, and TV documentaries. By the time 2015 rolls around, Artaban has moved into a bigger and better office, and by the time 2016 rolls around, Artaban has launched their newest website.


So what’s new, and what’s next?

New Producer - Artaban’s newest producer has finally arrived: Jesse Blaskovits - that’s me! After a grueling hiring process, Jem and Greg finally decided that I was the best of the best. They’ve never actually said that, but I can tell whenever they’re thinking it. Since my arrival, I’ve turned this whole place around. I’ve accomplished such feats as: buying a tea kettle, buying a coffee maker, and organizing the storage room...Next stop oscars!

New editor - David is another superstar. He’s worked here for over two years on countless videos, including our more notable project Guns to Mics, which is our first documentary feature, and The Switch, which is the world’s first-ever transgender sitcom played by transgendered actors! But here’s the crazy part: 2016 is the first year that David has worked full time for Artaban. Wow, step aside world, because David Trevail is kicking ass and taking names.

New Website - Our first website was great, but our new website is AWESOME. Have a look around, as we’re uploading new videos and posting blogs almost daily!

New Content - We have incredible content lined up this year! Check out the list below for a sneak peek at some, but certainly not all, of our content for 2016:

  • The Switch, the first ever transgender sitcom played by transgendered actors, set right here in Vancouver
  • Guns to Mics, our first ever feature documentary about the power of music in Sierra Leone, Africa.
  • BC Was Awesome, a TV show that follows Bob Kronbauer from Vancouver is Awesome as he uncovers weird and wacky BC history. 
  • Unit Bryan, our latest short film, shot as a mockumentary about robots entering the work force. Winner of the latest round of Storyhive TELUS grants.

New Goals - With the world by our bootstraps (is that a saying?) we’re taking full charge of 2016. Expect to see us around, both in Vancouver, and potentially everywhere else in the world.

"We’re producing new and exciting content, including TV shows and our first ever feature film!"

We’re confident that you’ll enjoy our new content this year. Come by the office anytime. We’ll have a couch, projector, popcorn, and beers ready for you in our theatre room. Seriously. Do it. But text ahead so we can chill the beers and...Netflix.